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Passionate about birds, wildlife and nature since his childhood, at 17 he discovered the photography and started travelling.

Then he never stopped taking pictures in the air, on the ground or under water in Lorraine (north east of France) where he was born as well as around the globe.

Following his engineering school, he continued taking pictures in parallel of his job in the industry.

In 2016, he decided to be a full time photographer.

He has also been sensitive for a long time to the environment protection and he is aware of the urgency to act in this field.

Publications :

2019 : Self-Publishing of the 1st photographic book ” Antarctica 120° ”

References :

1980 : Laureate of  contest  organised by Christian Zuber (Island birds)

1983 : Laureate of the grant ‘’ Agir ’’  for a photo-reportage of the fauna and flora of Madagascar

2010 : Finalist at Montier en Der contest  (underwarter picture)

2013 : Photo-reportage of the eastern Saudi arabian fauna

2017 : Publication in the photo book ‘’Florilège 2017’’ of the FPF (French Federation of Photography): arctic landscape. Best pictures of the year.

2017 : Photo-reportage in Antarctica

2019 : Exibition ” En vol ” at Images Plaine Nature near Dijon (France)